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2016 Herding info

The 2016 season of the Goats on Roan Mountain is PROVISIONALLY set to begin Wednesday, June 22, 2016. We are still awaiting final approval from the Forest Service, and will update this page once this date is finalized.

Article in Our State Magazine

Writer Leigh Ann Henion and Photographer H. Scott Hoffmann

During last year's herding up to Roan, the normal component of volunteers was joined by writer Leigh Ann Henion and photographer H. Scott Hoffmann, seen in the photo above.

Those of you who were there may recall that almost half the goats decided to take an all day detour on their way up to Jane Bald.

Our State has just published the article which Leigh Ann wrote for them on the events of that day. Combined with Scott's fabulous photographs, they have provided readers a wonderful first-hand account of that memorable herding. Many thanks to Our State magazine for providing the link to this story for us.

The Goat Whisperers of Roan Mountain, from Our State, April, 2016 issue.