Successful herding up to Roan -- June 24

Heading up to Roan Mountain

More info and photos to come!

Two new dogs join the goats this year ....

Stop by our DOGS page to meet our two new dogs that are working with the Baatany Project ... Gypsy and Nanook.

Baatany Project's Botany Project

The past seven years of the Baatany Project has first and foremost been an attempt to restore Grassy Bald and Alder Bald on Roan's western balds using goats as an experimental management tool. The first scientific publication from this project, with Jamey Donaldson as lead author has been published in the Southeastern Naturalist. The full article is available for download here.

Please see our SCIENCE page for full citation listing.

New Video

Videographer Lesley Platek of LIFEfilms has made a delightful video highlighting what goes on during a herding up the mountain, and highlights the many volunteers who come to help. (If the video below is not viewable, you should be able to view it here).