Welcome to the Baatany Project

Roan Mountain may be covered in snow right now, and the goats are comfy in their Shady Valley home, but that doesn't mean the Baatany Goat Project is dormant.

2013's season in review

Please see this page for an overview of the 2013 season on Roan Mountain.

To our supporters ...

Thank you for supporting the Baatany Goat Project’s efforts to restore and maintain Roan's rare Alder Bald and Grassy Balds. Our 6th summer was wet and hectic with more low than high points and we offer apologies for the delays in sending adoption packets to those who adopted goats and dogs. The animals are always the first priority during the summer and they are the only priority when things get really rough!

Please see this page for an overview of the 2013 season and some of the tough times we had.

To those who adopted animals, sent us donations, volunteered goat-sitting time, and toted equipment up and down the mountain ... thank you for your support. This summer has shown how important it is when other funding sources don't work out.

Baafully yours,
Jamey, your goat’s goatherd
Todd, Chief Coordinator of Caprine Conservationists

Knitted hats!

Flat Brimmed Hat Knitted from Roan Mountain Goat Yarn

Flat Ribbed Hat
Click for larger image

Jamey has been busy knitting hats from the yarn we get from our goats.

There are 3 different styles available ... a flat ribbed style shown at right, and 2 versions with a brim: a hat with a longer ribbed brim that can be folded up for another layer over your ears (shown below, left) and a version with a curled rim (below, right).

Hat with folded up Ribbed Brim Knitted from Roan Mountain Goat Yarn

Ribbed Brimmed Hat
Click for larger image

Curled Brimmed Hat Knitted from Roan Mountain Goat Yarn

Curled Brim Hat
Click for larger image

Please see our Hat Page for more information on sizing (kid sizes all the way up to BIG BIG sizes, and pricing. A delightful way to look great, keep warm, and support the Goats on the Roan!

New info on the Science Page

Jamey Donaldson has provided an overview of the positive effects of the goats' browsing on the plant life on Roan Mountain. Please see our Science Page for more info. Also posted there is a link to a paper by Peter Weigl and Travis Knowles whose theory provides the general basis for using goats for restoring Roan's balds.

Gray's Lily

Joe Powell, an undergraduate honor student at ETSU, started the recent research on the Gray's Lily on Roan, studying plants from Jane Bald to Grassy Ridge, in 2010. Russell Ingram picked up the research for his ETSU master's thesis. See this page for more info.